Working in both digital and fine arts media, and in most disciplines, The Mad Hand are prolific producers of high-impact, out-of-the-box design.  Our portfolios include advertising, book & CD cover design, poster art, logo & identity design, merchandise design, promotional materials, print collateral of all types, and much moreWe have 21 "A"  ratings on Angie's List, and appear in Angie's List Honor Roll.

The Mad Hand is located in Forest Hills, the heart of Queens, NYC. It is run bow to stern by our award-winning art director, with occasional office help.  ALL design and artwork is conceived and executed by the Art Director personally with input from clients. We do not subcontract or outsource. We are a strongly pro-environment and animal-friendly company, donating many hours of design time yearly to humane awareness campaigns, such as for Rational Animal and the Coalition for NYC AnimalsWe're in New York, but can work with anyone anywhere who can view digital drafts of their projects by e-mail. Write us at info@themadhand.com for a quote or further information.  We'd love to develop your project ideas!

Don’t see what you're looking for?  That doesn’t mean we don’t do it!  Call or write and let us know what you need. Chances are we can do it or find you someone who can.


Jane Sayre Denny is a prolific artist, an award-winning illustrator, and the creator of all the artwork exhibited on this website. Trained at New York's High School of Art & Design and The School of Visual Arts, she has been ad designer for Sesame Workshop, illustrator for Cartoon Galleries, Inc., painting assistant to Sandro La Ferla (world famous backdrop & prop designer), and through The Mad Hand, designer for countless clients and products.  Her strong fine arts background gives Ms. Denny an eye and skill-set far superior to competitors in digital media.  A musician as well, with an early career in recording studio management (where she was often the house designer), she specializes in art for music and entertainment, and event graphics.

Jane Denny is the author and illustrator of The Pride, The Award-Winning Reality Cat Cartoon Starring Crazy Johnny, Emmaline (the little black squirrel who lives in Queens), and The Twelve Cats of Christmas, and is an excellent illustrator of animals and wildlife.   For-hire illustrated works include the Power Kid child empowerment series by Obi Nwokolo, and The Cats On My Block, by Valerie Sicignano (co-founder of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative) for The Humane Society of New York.  Boutique and specialty gifts carrying designs and artwork by Ms. Denny can be found in her Zazzle.com shops, The White Cat Co., Before Now Gifts, The Pride Cartoon and EmmalineBook.

Ms. Denny is a featured designer and interviewee in HOW Design's 2003 release, Idea Revolution, on the subject of channeling creative inspiration.  Idea Revolution, by Clare Warmke, is available at Amazon.com.  For her achievements in music and design, Ms. Denny’s biography appears in Marquis' Who's Who in America.


The Mad Hand is in New York City but can work with anyone, anywhere in the world.

For digital graphics we work on a Macintosh computer in the Adobe Creative Suite and other industry standard graphics applications as needed. We are equipped with all relevant hardware and software, can work to the specs of any outside print shop, publisher or manufacturer, and can share files in minutes.

For fine art projects, we are experienced in most media, and are expert mimics of most artistic styles.  We do some photography.

For more information on our facilities, write info@themadhand.com, or click here for the answers to frequently asked questions about design, graphics production and technical issues.

       RATES & POLICIES     

Because every piece of custom artwork is unique, there is no one price tag for every project type.  We can quote flat or spec rates for any project.  These are based on an estimate of time your project will take to complete.  Our hourly rate for design work is $50.  Non-design production work, such as copying, is billed @ $25/hour with a 15 minute minimum.  We give a 10% discount to seniors and 50% discount to animal welfare and environmental non-profits if we support their causePlease email us or call 718-255-1627 for an estimate on your project.

We require a 50% deposit on the estimated bill before starting work, and payment in full upon approval, before delivery of finals.  Rates for rush jobs are same as above + 25%.


For an estimate on your project, please write info@themadhand.com. Or for more information on what goes into computing rates, visit our FAQ.


This site was built by Jane Denny.  It was created to showcase the best of The Mad Hand's commercial and fine art, and is not a complete portfolio.  To request further samples or more information on any project here exhibited, email: info@themadhand.com

All designs exhibited on this website are the sole property of The Mad Hand Arts, Graphics & Design, LLC, and/or the respective clients represented.  Reproduction or distribution in any form is prohibited without express written consent.